We design low- profile, user-friendly, integrated security systems with camouflaged hardware using state-of-art technology with a near optimum blend of human resources, and a cost effective system which is evolved to provide basic protection and security cover for the assets within the premises. The system is designed to be discreet enough to blend with the ambience and yet be effective enough to achieve its basic goal of protection. The Security System comprises of perimeter protection for intruder detection, access control system and electronic surveillance.

Perimeter Protection System protects the outer perimeter of a building against unwanted intruders. This system acts as a deterrent once any person tries to intrude from the perimeter where the system is installed. Various options like sensor cabling, electric fence and IR sensors are specified for this system.

Customized Access Control provides physical control of people movement in the premises by restricting entry into specified areas.

For Electronic Surveillance purposes, indoor/outdoor type cameras are located at strategic points as per the challenges of the design and to maintain discreet positioning as required. These cameras are connected to either DVR or a server based system.

Components Of Video Surveillance System

  • Standalone DVR systems
  • PC based DVR systems
  • IP based CCTV Systems