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3 Phase Lift UPS 6kVA to 20kVA

GEESYS was one of the first few UPS manufacturing companies, which started exploring the idea of using Three phase UPS or Static Inverter for Elevator applications. Best Lift UPS Manufacturer in india.

It is an honor for GEESYS to present a Three Phase Inverter which is capable of driving Lifts or elevators & other three phase machines like Air conditioning compressors, water pumps, CNC machines. These three phase inverters are designed to ensure uninterrupted power supply to various industrial houses. It also provides a healthy chance to win the hearts of various industries by its technological advancement and remarkable design.

GEESYS Three Phase inverter is specially designed to run three phase electrical motors by handling high inrush current of the motors. GEESYS Lift inverter proves to be a helping hand during grid absence by generating 3 phase 4 wire output supply from its backup system. GEESYS Lift inverter is embedded with isolated boost charging technology which provides constant charging voltage and current when grid is available. It also senses the grid failure & starts automatically by utilizing the energy stored in the battery back up system.

GEESYS lift UPS in India is 100% eco-friendly and completely pollution free as they do not emit harmful smoke or gas that affect the environment. GEESYS Lift UPS in India is highly reliable, do not generate noise and can be custom created as per the rules and regulations, making it a preferred backup product. Many other names like emergency rescue device are products that do the same function only to stop the elevator at immediate next floor and opening the doors. This is also a major requirement in many parts of India, UAE and other African countries.

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