A control transformer is a transformer which supplies power to control & auxiliary equipments which are not intended for direct connection to the main circuit . Control Transformers are cost effective approach to supply low voltage Recreational Lighting, Light duty industrial and pool and Spa applications or for general purpose load including relay low voltage circuit control circuit of A.C. Motors. RECO manufactures single phase control transformers form 50 VA to 5 KVA.

Transformers are electrical devices which are used in many industrial applications. Transformers are used to either increase or decrease the voltages before transmitting the electrical energy for desired use. GEESYS is one of the renowned transformer manufacturers in India. We have supplied our transformers to many industrial sectors in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Pune, Kolkata and garnered the trust of our customers.

We are a leading the manufacturer of control transformer such as 750 VA Control Transformers, 3 KVA 3 Phase Control Transformers, 40VA Flying Leads Transformers and 200 VA Control Transformer from India. Being one of the largest transformers suppliers in India, we have become the backbone of several leading manufacturing industries of the country.

GEESYS offers transformers in the MultiTap version. The MultiTap control transformer was designed to respond to the increased need for voltage and stock flexibility. Itcombines multiple primary voltages with one or more secondary voltages, all in a single transformer.

GEESYS TRANSFORMERS are designed for the global market and are the best choice when size and cost are of concern. This is our most popular and complete offering of industrial control transformers. The following features are included:

GEESYS manufactures a wide variety of voltage combinations for control transformers.