Frequency Converters

Rating : 1200VA to 30KVA

GEESYS has passion for achieving customer delight through offering products to add value beyond customers' anticipation. GEESYS not only responds rapidly to customer needs, but it also carefully listens to consumers and design product to meet future requirements.

GEESYS frequency converter is an electrical device that converts alternating current (AC) of one distribution standard frequency & voltage to alternating current of another frequency and voltage of other distribution standard.

GEESYS frequency converter uses high efficient IGBT based architecture with PWM based design to achieve higher stability and crest factor.

GEESYS frequency converter in India is 100% eco-friendly and completely pollution free as they do not emit harmful smoke or gas that affect the environment. GEESYS Lift UPS in India is highly reliable, do not generate noise and can be custom created as per the rules and regulations, making it a preferred backup product. Many other names like emergency rescue device are products that do the same function only to stop the elevator at immediate next floor and opening the doors. This is also a major requirement in many parts of India, UAE and other African countries. Best Frequency converter Manufacturer in India