GEESYS has a wide range of ISOLATION TRANSFORMERS which reduce the effects of power Line problems like noise, spikes, surges, transients and neutral, to a minimum Power generation in our country, is no doubt good and availability of continuous power is certainly better,but the stringent requirements of the sophisticated equipment being used today underlines necessity of clean power.

Owing to inductive loads, capacitive loads, SMPS loads, electronic ballasts and with PWM Switching systems, the present AC Power lines are superimposed with dangerous spikes, Surges, transients, sags and RFI noise and harmonics.

As a result failure rates of electronic equipment are on the rise. Without adequate protection, all electronic equipment is at a great RISK. Noise Cut-off (Ultra Isolation) Transformer cuts off noise, so your machine can perform with musical perfection.

Usually the failures are not seen right away. Repeated stress from normal electrical transients weaken components and lead to shortening of component life. Line noises like spikes, surges, transients and so on definitely cause stress on semiconductor components. And Machine Systems experience catastrophic program and software failures, extensive damage to PLC’s and storage media, leading to heavy losses of production, data and man-hours.